Kamiu Horticulture

Kamiu Horticulture is a company started on 5th November 1980 is located at a place known as Kamiu, Embu Kenya .They deal with grafting seedlings from fruits ,flowers to all other types of trees. Apart from that they also offers investors a chance to invest with them like you fund them with an agreement ,they plant and manage your farm for you they also harvest and market your product of you will wish to
They have so many goals to achieve of which they work perfect .Many farmers have benefit from their product and are now enjoy the fruits of their sacrifices. Some of our goals include to support the transition from subsistence farming to income-generating agriculture by adding value to products to achieve greater returns for producers, while catalyzing public-private linkages between producers, processors, supply chain actors and government support and regulatory mechanisms.
We also give a free delivery offers for items purchased more than 500 seedlings.


Graph of our succes

Maccadamia 100%
Mango 75%
Hass Ovaccado 80%
Pixie Oranges 90%
Apple 90%
flowers 90%
Loquat 55%
Investors 90%
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